Thursday, August 27, 2009

Steve isn't blogging...

So I will post some veggie photos!

Tomatoes, 8/23/09

Tomatoes, 8/23/09

The paprika peppers are delicious!

Paprika Peppers

Our green beans have anthracnose:

Green beans have a fungus

The delicata squash vine looks like it has wilt, but we're not 100% sure. Just in case it's a borer, we have harvested the squash, hopefully not too early!

Delicata squash, unhappy vine

Apparently this cucumber was hidden...1 lb. 7.5 oz

Large cucumber!

And here's what I picked tonight: eggplant, zucchini, peppers and a variety of tomatoes:

Harvest, 8/27/09

Friday, August 14, 2009

Mmmm...zucchini bread

Okay, so it's not pretty, but it tastes good:

Ugly Zucchini Bread

Here's the recipe:

Out in the gardens, the phlox is still going strong. And the white is hiding behind the purple again this year:


Here's a Coral Bell, and a lot of weeds, in front of the phlox:

Coral Bells

The Rudbeckia planted themselves a little more in front of the pear tree this year:


The Resurrection Lily has two stalks this year!

Resurrection Lily

This week we picked quite a few tomatoes (and zucchini). I froze all these tomatoes today, then went outside and picked more:

Tomatoes (and zucchini)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

A rainy morning outside = a busy morning inside

So it was raining today. Again. So I spent the morning in the kitchen!

Sungolds ready to slow roast:

August 004

If you've never had a slow roasted cherry or grape tomato, you really must try them. They are like candy, I swear! These probably could have stayed in the oven a little longer, but I was ready to get out of the kitchen. Spray your roasting pan with olive oil, slice your tomatoes, put them in the pan skin side down, add fresh ground pepper and some kosher salt, spray with more olive oil and give them a couple of hours in the oven at 300 degrees. Watch them, you don't want them to burn!

August 011

While the tomatoes roasted, I steamed and blanched some green beans to go in the freezer.

August 005

When the beans were done, I steamed the little tiny beets we got in our farm share. Even though they're small, it's still a bit of work, but so worth it!

August 010

August 012

And I made German Coleslaw with cabbage and kohlrabi from the farm share.

August 006

And when the tomatoes were done, I chopped and roasted patty pan squash, zucchini, eggplant, cauliflower and white peppers.

August 009

August 013

All that made me hungry, so for lunch we had Fried Green Tomatoes.

August 014

And, this cracked me up. We have something like 14 windows in our house, and Wally and Finn have to sit in the window together!

August 008