Monday, November 16, 2009


Today I dug up the voodoo bulbs - some of them are HUGE! And there are lots of babies, so our voodoo bulb stink fest next spring should be fantastic. :-)

Voodoo bulbs

Monster voodoo bulb!

I also pulled the canna from the big pots so they could come inside for the winter. They didn't bloom this year. I need to figure out why so I can try to avoid whatever it was that I did wrong for next year.


Things are looking very fall-like in our yard. Miscanthus:



Asparagus in autumn


Oma's hydrangea. Still hasn't bloomed. This year we'll try NOT cutting it back in fall.

Last rose bloom:

Probably the last rose bloom of the year

Rudbeckia, still plugging along:

Still blooming

Still trying to bloom!