Sunday, April 13, 2008

What a difference a week or so can make!

Daffodils are blooming, as are some hyacinths.

The grape hyacinths I planted along the east side of the house last fall are starting to peek through!

These daffodils were planted by the original (and only) owner of our house, Mrs. Pampalone.

She was definitely a gardener, and when we first bought the house she stopped by one day and told Steve that these were not weeds, but primrose she had planted.

The "Steve" irises that Mom gave us last year are just starting to come up.

The hosta from Lisa and Guy's house are poking through, too.

I bet you think these are daffodil foliage, but they're not. Come back in August and I'll show you what they are!

It was so beautiful out yesterday, we sat outside last night after dinner just looking and listening, and one of our cardinal friends stopped by for a snack.

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Connie Knapp said...

Do you fertilize your daffodils? I'm asking because when we first moved in we noticed daffodils in the "undergrowth" in the front of our house. We cleared away the undergrowth and for two years or so we had beautiful daffodils-yellow, white, yellow with orange centers-just lovely.
This year, not so much. We wondered if the bulbs are getting tired and need to be seriously fertilized-any suggestions for us?