Thursday, April 2, 2009

It's April, 65 and sunny!

Ah, spring is in the air.

I don't know what this purple flowering thing is. I think it came along with a Phlox I bought at a local plant sale last year. Any ideas?



First blooming hyacinth:


Crocus in the lawn:


And, do you know what these are? When they flower, they will smell like garbage!

Can you guess?


Anonymous said...

Hi - that looks like it might be a pulmonaria, though it seems early for a bloom.

Sarah said...

Thanks, Anonymous! I looked at it again tonight, and looked at some pictures via Google, and I think you are right!

Sarah said...

You're welcome! I feel like a cheeseball being "anonymous", but I don't have a google identity. I'm bluemoon from the ww ote (which is only slightly less I just noticed I can leave a name instead. Nice blog :-)

Sarah said...

I had no idea it was you! And I don't think I even knew your real name was Sarah. Hi!