Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pretty white blooms

Happy Anniversary to Lisa and Guy! 15 (or 14?) years ago today they got married and gave this Silky Dogwood as wedding favors:


The Snow on the Mountain that we brought with us from Cold Spring is also in bloom (yes, that is Chocolate Mint mixed in there):



Pieces said...

OMG, Snow on the Mountain is a weed in parts of my yard. It takes over everything though it is really pretty.

Sarah said...

Isn't it funny how things are good or not good, depending where one is? Butterfly bushes grow wild in England!

Lisa said...

15 years.... 15 LOOOOOOOOONG years

Is that the one the tree fell on? If so, it is looking good!

Sarah said...

Yes, that's the one that the "tree guy" cut down when he was here taking down the big tree that had been struck by lightning. The dogwood has come back nicely!