Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday morning, brings the dawn in...

Ah, Lou Reed. But he doesn't really have much to do with our garden. Anyway...

Saturday morning harvest! We pick about 3 or 4 cucumbers every day, so yesterday I made 8 pints of refrigerator pickles. Today I might need to make dilly beans!


Silver Dollar Plant is ready, and this pink flower (another one that I can never remember its name) is doing well, looks nice with the hygrangea.


I brought these Brown Eyed Susans from Cold Spring when we moved. I seriously cannot believe those pansies are hanging in there, it's been so hot!


My beloved white Phlox, being totally crowded out by the wild, invasive purple phlox I bought at a Stony Kill plant sale a couple of years ago. Hmpf.


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