Sunday, August 8, 2010

I can't think of a witty title...

Look at the squirrel on the tree, looking right at me! I think that might be Peanut... Steve's friend that he HAND FEEDS! Oh, and the picture is of the "false sunflowers" (at least, I think that's what my Grandma used to call them, I need to double check with my Mom) that came from Mom's yard.


The Resurrection Lily is phenomenol this year - it has four shoots!



We are getting a second round of blooms on two of our rosebushes. I wish my Great Grandma's Roses would bloom more than once a season.


After what seemed like forever, our ivy geraniums on the fence are looking very happy!



1 comment:

Connie Knapp said...

Your flowers look spectacular! I won't talk about Steve hand feeding a squirrel-that squirrel never had it so good.