Saturday, July 5, 2008

Weeding, weeding, weeding

I hate weeding. But it must be done. Here is my garden sled. Neat, right? It was Mom's idea! It's easier than a wheel barrow sometimes.

July3 001

This is neat, too, right? I'm wondering how many of you know what it is? (Besides my Mom, of course).

July3 003

And this incredibly weird, slightly gross mushroom (?) appeared yesterday. The flies were all over it. I did NOT lean close enough to it to see if it smelled bad. The weirdest thing, is that the next day, it was gone.

July3 004

Mom told me what this was last time she was here, but I've forgotten already...hopefully she can remind me! I used to think it was some weird hybrid growth off the Rose of Sharon, which is right above it. It kind of looks like a Rose of Sharon, but it's definitely not. I don't think I planted this, so either it was there all along, or it came in with something else that I planted in that area.

July3 005

Another shot of the yucca and rudbeckia, I'm loving this part of the yard right now.

July3 006

Well, it was unintentional, but the cilantro flowers are pretty!

July3 009

Reason #3 (after peonies and great Grandma's roses) why the Internet should be scratch and sniff:

July3 011

They are *quite* tall, too!

July4 024

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