Monday, June 30, 2008

Things are looking good!

Did I post about the impatiens my friend Beth sent me? She grew them from seeds, that her friend has harvested and grown for 20 years! She sent me 4 plants in the mail, 2 didn't survive, but the two that did are doing pretty well, and blooming! Thanks, Beth!

June30 012

The edelweiss has been blooming for a while now, so here's a pic. It lives under our rose bushes.

June30 011

Here's an interesting comparison, March 30th:

March30 015

and June 30th:

June30 009

I planted this bunny tail grass last year, and didn't think it was a perennial, but it came back!

June30 010

Bellflower and astilbe:

June30 007

More of the pink lilies:

June30 006

Um, yeah. I planted these rudbeckia two years ago, and they did not come back last year, but this year, is a different story!

June30 003

The yucca and speedwell are blooming, too.

June30 005

And another comparison, May 24th:

May24 002

And June 30th:

June30 001

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Connie Knapp said...

I love the way you're showing pictures from earlier in the spring-what a great idea.
Your garden looks fabulous. I've been a bit busy-not too busy to take photos just too busy to blog.