Wednesday, June 18, 2008

It's been a while!

I was at a seminar all last week that prevented me from doing a lot of things, one of them being blogging. So here goes!

I couldn't resist how beautiful this rose looked after the rain.

MidJune 002

Here is some cinquefoil (and some impatiens, etc.) that I moved from the big long bed by the fence, to here under the pear tree. I don't have very good luck with perennials under the pear tree - except for the aster, the aster is happy there. Anyway, we'll see how this does here. The original cinquefoil is over in the big bed and reseeds itself each year. It was here when we bought the house.

MidJune 003

Yarrow is starting to bloom.

MidJune 006

Here's the original cinquefoil in the front, by the rooster, and the pretty white flowers with the dark burgundy stems in the background - I can't remember what they are called. Mom told me this weekend, and I have already forgotten.

MidJune 007

Here's a close up:

MidJune 008

The white astilbe is doing well. The pink is hidden. :-(

MidJune 009

If we ever get married again, this will be my bouquet. Okay, not really, but it was so pretty and smelled so good, I had to share. It's now in our freezer in the form of pesto. :-)

MidJune 012

The pink lilies have started, these are nice, but wait until you see the giant white ones later in the summer!

MidJune 025

The dahlia on the right doesn't look so good. Not sure why... Mom brought us the black hollyhocks, the verigated basil and the firecracker fuscia, thanks Mom!

MidJune 026

I thought I'd show a progress pic of the pots out front, they are filling out really nicely!

MidJune 027

MidJune 028

Whew! Okay, I think we are pretty much caught up for now!

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