Monday, September 1, 2008

It's September already?

This summer is flying (has flown?) by. I can't believe it's Labor Day. Things happening in the garden include...

A woodpecker on the sunflower out front! (Sorry this photo isn't so great, I stood out on the porch in my towel after getting out of the shower to try and get a shot, so was in a bit of a rush!)

August 048

The pear trees are full of pears, and we have started picking - yum!

August 045

The sunflowers are still doing really great!

August 044

The peppermint rose is blooming again.

August 041

We learned a few years ago how absolutely beautiful cotton flowers are, so each year we grow a few - not only because it's kind of neat to pick cotton in our backyard, but for the flowers as well.

August 028

And, we had the most delicious, colorful, local dinner the other night. Everything is local, even the sausage is from the northeast. Green beans, cremini mushrooms, purple potatoes, red and green peppes, onions, tomatoes...yum!

August 033

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Connie Knapp said...

It's nice to know that Anne and I aren't the only ones who take pictures of their food. We've had some beautiful yellow tomatoes this year (Lemon Boys) and they look gorgeous on the plate with the red ones.
Your meal looks fantastic-isn't it fun to eat what you grow?