Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wow, I am a seriously bad blogger!

It's been like 2 months since I last posted. Oops. Here are some shots of what's been going on in the gardens, and in the kitchen.

First strawberries:

Quad 001

Peonies, Sweet Willieam and Geum:

Quad 006

New Nicotiana under the pear tree, with aster on the right:

Quad 009

Silver Dollar Plant (aka Money Plant), post bloom:

Quad 010

Sunflowers, but I need to post a newer one, they are big and blooming now:

Quad 011

Steve Irises, and sunflowers that planted themselves:

Quad 012

More berries...after the darn skunk dug up the strawberry bed we didn't get too many more:

Various 011

Lamb's Ear and Astilbe:

Various 014

Smoke bush made it through the winter:

Various 015

Silky Dogwood came back, and bloomed! after being accidentally cut down by the "tree guys" last year:

Various 017

Voodoo Bulbs!

Various 025

Miniature rose that was dead when we got back from Italy, a little rain (more like a LOT of rain) during June, and it bounced right back:

Various 026

New perennial daisies and daylilies:

Various 027

Monster lilies, taller than me:

Various 028


Various 029

Hydrangea and daylilies:

Various 032

Stuff from Mom on the left, and Snow on the Mountain on the right. Steve has been mowing this for the past few years, I finally weeded this area and the Snow on the Mountain bounced right back:

Various 035

First attempt at Dilly Beans refrigerator pickles, yum!

Various 040

Zucchini pickles and dilly beans:

Various 043

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Julie G. said...

Ha! I came here yesterday just to see if my Google Reader was perhaps not telling me when you updated.

I'm glad you did!