Thursday, May 1, 2008


Apparently the tulips in the back yard do not like 29 degrees at night:

may1st 001

The Japanese Maple leaves also look a little droopy, but other than that, I think everything fared okay in the freeze. Steve did cover the veggie beds with newspaper, and those look good, too.

Steve planted these adorable little tulips for us in the back. They are so absolutely lovely. I hope you can see the petals in the close up.

may1st 013
may1st 014

The rosebushes have new growth, yay! And there below them our Edelweiss is coming back, too. Steve picked that out a few years ago. :-)

may1st 015

The money plant (a.k.a. silver dollar plant) has started blooming out front. I'm going to be sure to sprinkle the seeds all behind the azaleas this year and see if we can really fill in out there with this.

may1st 016

Here is the primrose we planted, and there alongside of it you can see the Lily of the Valley that has spread to this area - it's May, so it should be blooming soon.

may1st 011

I know I posted a picture of this shrub before, but up close I love it. It's like standing in a cloud.

may1st 012

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