Monday, May 19, 2008

Lots of purple

The money plant / silver dollar plant is still going strong, and the rhododendrons are blooming, I'm amazed at how they are practically the same exact color!

May19 014

And I am *so* excited that the irises are *finally* blooming! These blue and white ones we brought with us from Cold Spring. I did our landlord a favor and thinned her iris beds. :-)

May19 011

These yellow ones were here when we bought the house. Mrs. Pampalone stopped by one day soon after we moved in and told us these were award winning irises, I should have asked her if *she* won the awards, or if just the plants did before she acquired them.

May19 013

I wanted to show you the lily of the valley "patch" that came to us from my Mom's friend Barb. This is where I took the shots for Christa's birthday post.

May19 015

This is something growing on the hill that was here when we moved in. Is this some kind of honeysuckle? It does smell sweet.

May11 011

May11 010

And again I'm thrilled with the silky dogwood growth. :-)

May19 018

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Connie Knapp said...

Wow-your irises look great. Ours are "teasing" us and haven't bloomed yet-and they are in the sunniest part of our garden.
(Glad you liked our tulips-they really are neat colors.)