Sunday, May 4, 2008

It's May!

This weekend, Sooz asked me what was blooming, so here's an update for you. There's not too, too much that's new in the past few days, but...

the creeping phlox is in bloom. I wish this would spread more.

May4 001

The primrose are really looking great now. And looking back at the last post, I think they were a little droopy then from the frost/freeze, too.

May4 002

We bought these chives, oh I don't know, three years ago? Each winter I leave them outside, and each spring they come back.

May4 003

I didn't think I had bought hardy mums last fall, but it looks like two made it through the winter! I wish I knew what color they doesn't say on the tags. In the background is sage I left out all winter, it looks like it may bounce back.

May4 004

The azaleas on the east side of the house are in full bloom! Still waiting for the ones in front. (Yes, I need to deadhead the daffodils)

May4 005

May4 006

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