Thursday, May 29, 2008

I didn't realize until tonight...

...that the sweet "something" I was smelling recently were the light blue irises! I didn't know irises smelled so good!

May29 001

The yellow don't really smell good at all, but they are stunning to look at!

May29 002


Connie Knapp said...

Now I'll have to go smell ours-Anne planted six Siberian irises and they are beautiful!
I could really get to love irises-have you ever divided the ones that were there when you bought your house? I'm just wondering because I think they are supposed to be divided and we're thinking that it might be time to divide ours.
Your garden looks beautiful!

Sarah said...

Hi Connie!

I did divide the yellow and light blue irises a couple of years after we moved in, and they do bloom more now than when they did the first couple of years. There were some big dead chunks in there, and I think giving the healthy sections room to grow did wonders for them.